Apprenticeship QCF Level 2 & 3 Customer Service

Apprenticeships in Customer Service Level 2

What is an Apprenticeship?

The Apprenticeship at Level 2 consists of 3 qualifications

Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service

Level 1 Functional Skills in English & Maths.

Learners are also assessed for Personal Learning and Thinking Skills and the unit on Employee Rights and Responsibilities.


The Customer Service Apprenticeship at level 2 meets the needs of employers for higher level skills within a wide range of organisations. The qualifications enhance individual skills across occupations with a customer focus such as receptionists, sales, care, nursery nursing, child minding. It is also suitable for those in dedicated customer service roles and office based staff.


  • Improving the quality of the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty
  • Communicating with customers
  • Resolving problems
  • Customer feedback
  • Working as a team

Structure of Qualifications:

The Diploma in Customer Service is the occupational competence and knowledge qualification that learners are required to achieve. You need to achieve 45 credits across mandatory and optional units. Learners have a wide choice of units to tailor to fit their individual role. The unit choices reflect the variety of roles learner`s carryout in the workplace.

Functional Skills assesses your application of english and maths skills. Learners have an initial assessment of their skills and an action plan agreed to improve their skills. Assessment is by written exam in each subject area, exams are 1-2 hours long. English communication also is assessed by observation of a group presentation.

Programme Delivery

All learners receive one to one assessment in the workplace, arranging meetings with their assessor with line manager approval. The length of programme is 12 months.

Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service

The Diploma is made of units with different credit value and learners need to achieve 45 credits to be awarded a diploma. All learners will complete the mandatory core units and then a range of optional units that reflect their service area and work role.

Structure of Diploma

  • 19 credits from mandatory units
  • Minimum 3 credits from Group B
  • Minimum 16 credits from Group C
  • Maximum 7 credits from Group D

Example Programme

Customer Service Mandatory 19 Credits

201 Deliver customer service5
202 Understand customersEvolve Test2
203 Principles of customer serviceEvolve Test4
204 Understand employer organizationsEvolve Test4
205 Manage personal performance and development4


Optional units


206BCommunicate verbally with customers3
208CDeal with incoming telephone calls from customers3
209CMake telephone calls to customers3
211CProcess information about customers3
216CDeliver customer service to challenging customers3
217CDevelop customer relationships3


Support customer service improvements3
228DEmployee rights and responsibilitiesShort answer questions2
229DDevelop working relationships with colleagues3

Costs and Funding

The qualifications have the potential for funding depending upon the learners’ employment and relative experience. We will be pleased to advise on an individual basis. There is also an apprenticeship pathway to qualification achievement, and, again we will be pleased to give advice and guidance as appropriate.

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