Learner of the Month


June 2018 – Jane Davis


Jane is completing her Level 3 Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care and works for Leonard Cheshire Disability and is based at Wharfedale House, a purpose-built, two story home that can accommodate up to 18 adults with physical disabilities, situated in Wetherby, West Yokshire.

Jane was put forward for Learner of the Month by her assessor, Jackie Allen. In explaining her reasons Jackie explained that “Jane is an absolute pleasure to teach and have as a learner. Jane attends all her appointments and completes all assigned work to a very high standard. What stands out about Jane is her person centered, holistic care she delivers to the service users. She seems to go above and beyond expectations to ensure the needs and wishes of the service users are met”. In addition to going “above and beyond” Jane has also carried out fundraising to support service users’ trips and holidays.

Jane feels that she is learning from completing her Level 3 Apprenticeship and is really enjoying learning and developing her knowledge, skills and practice.

Well done Jane


April 2018 – Dawn Wadsworth


Dawn was referred for a Intermediate Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care but after completing her diagnostics which demonstrated that she has excellent skills in English and maths and the completion of a skills scan it was appropriate that Dawn took on the challenge of the Advanced Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care. It also being appropriate to meet the challenges of her roles and responsibilities.

Dawn’s assessor. Elle, explained “From the beginning it was her confidence that needed boosting and working on. Dawn’s role at Future Directions is a complex and challenging and taking on the Advanced Apprenticeship was going to take up more of her time. However, right from the beginning Dawn was engaged and committed, always meeting targets and attending appointments”.

Elle also explained that Dawn’s knowledge and skills were impressive and validated that the Advanced route was more appropriate than the Intermediate route. The Advanced route gave Dawn the opportunity to improve on her general knowledge of health and social care and increase her confidence. Her skills around person centred planning and positive behavioural support is excellent showing she can plan and implement these and support others in the process. Dawn always went above and beyond in her dealings with her clients and her responsibilities at work.

Dawn has enjoyed completing her Advanced Apprenticeship and worked hard to achieve.

Dawn is now hoping to progress onto her level 4 qualification this year.


Well done Dawn.


February 2018 – Pauline Wells


Joanne Moorcroft put Pauline forward to become Learner of the Month for February due to her commitment to her qualification and to her role. Pauline is due to finish her level 3 Apprenticeship in March and has demonstrated a good understanding of her roles and responsibilities in meeting the needs of clients that she supports.

Joanne explained that Pauline hasn’t done anything too amazing with us apart from produce excellent work and has never failed to complete what has been asked to complete. This in itself demonstrates commitment to developing her knowledge and understanding and meeting the requirements of her apprenticeship.

Pauline has been recognised by her Manager for her great work especially around dignity and has put her forward as a Dignity Champion.

Well done Pauline.


January 2018 – Louise Holland


Louise is employed by Vesta Care Ltd as a Support Worker and is completing her level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Health and  Social  Care. She  is based at Silverdene residential care home in Manchester. where they provide care and support for people with a learning disability, associated diagnosis of physical disability and other health issues.
When Louise’s assessor, Jackie Allen, informed Louise and her manager that Louise was being put forward for Learner of the Month  they were very pleased to hear the news.
Jackie put Louise forward due to her “commitment to complete all tasks actioned in a timely manner and to a good standard and for her excellent practice in the workplace”. Jackie explained that two months ago Louise was rather behind with the qualification, however she has put extra work in, completing all of the knowledge requirements for all aims.

Louise was very concerned at the start of her apprenticeship about her maths, but with all of the hard work and study she has completed is now ready to sit her maths test which is booked for February.
When Jackie put Louise forward for learner of the month she also explained that when she has observed Louise’s practice she found it  “excellent, extremely person centred, safe and effective”.
Well done Louise and good luck with your maths test.

Well done Louise.


December 2017 – Kevin Lydiate


Kevin is a level 2 learner working with L’Arche Community and is new to care, having previously worked in the banking sector.  He is also working towards L1 FS in Maths and English and is hoping to also attempt L2.
Kevin is extremely motivated and is keen to learn and achieve. He completes work set within a very short timescale, emails it for marking. He addresses feedback promptly and thoroughly. His work is of a high standard and demonstrates evidence of research and reading. He plans ahead, looking at unit work before it has been set and comes to each meeting well prepared with a keenness to learn and develop his knowledge and skills. He hopes to progress on to the L3 programme and eventually hopes to become a Mental Health Nurse.

Well done Kevin.


November 2017 – Jill Mitchell



Jill Mitchell has worked for Anbridge Care Home for 3 years. She started as a volunteer then was offered a job as a carer at the home. She thoroughly enjoyed her new job and took to being a carer very quickly. She had always wanted to be a nurse but felt she wasn’t academic enough. Jill was supported by her managers to do whatever training came her way and to improve her skills and knowledge. She was then put forward to do her level 3 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship which she thoroughly enjoyed and excelled at. This opportunity gave Jill a new found confidence. Jill feels that she probably would never of had the confidence to achieve what she has if she had not have been given these opportunities.
Jill attended all appointments, was very conscientious about meeting targets and doing self study. She feels she couldn’t have achieved what she has without the support and guidance from her managers. Now she has completed her level 3 apprenticeship she feels she has the confidence and knowledge to go onto better things and she particularly wants to get a job in a clinical or hospital setting.
Well Done Jill for all your hard work.


October 2017 ~ Natasha Evans


Natasha works for Aspire Care Services in Birkenhead. Her assessor, Joanne Moorcroft, nominated her for her dedication to her qualification and her commitment to her role. Natasha has planned her time around childcare finding extra childcare support for her three year old to attend meetings on her days off with Joanne so that observations could be completed on time. Joanne reported that Natasha’s work has always been very detailed and of a high standard. She has always met targets for completion of her work.

Joanne also reported that feedback about Natasha from the clients that she supports has been excellent.

Well done Natasha!


September 2017 ~John Baker


We are celebrating the achievements of our outstanding learners in our new feature – Learner of The Month.

Initially John did not have a good start to his apprenticeship and life events lead to John becoming disengaged from programme. John had a family bereavement and he was very focused on his new born baby. This led to John cancelling appointments and resulted in him missing targets that had been set.

John and his assessor put together a plan of action and John really engaged and worked hard to get back on track. John has shown brilliant determination to get back on track and produced his work on a fortnightly basis. His assessor completed an excellent observation of John’s work practice which demonstrated respect for his clients and showed a great relationship he has with service users. John has also worked very hard and passed his English reading level 2 exam.

John is now ahead of target and looking forward to achieving his apprenticeship.

Well done John!


August 2017 ~ Ryan Cooper


Ryan has worked for Future Directions for 2 years and 4 months. He achieved his level 2 apprenticeship in 9 months and has gone straight onto his level 3 apprenticeship.

Ryan always submits more work than needed and his knowledge has really developed. His new knowledge has help him to show his abilities .

He now has secured an acting deputy managers role due to his progress and is looking at challenging himself in the future by starting his level 5.

His manager, Melissa Halliwell has wrote these words about Ryan:

Ryan is a member of staff who lives out Future Directions values daily Ryan comes into work on every shift with a positive attitude and makes sure that the people we support are all happy, have what they want and are supported correctly. Ryan is very person centered and no job is too big for him.  He will find solutions and answers to problems.

Ryan is liked by all the staff and management and has just been promoted to temporary deputy manager at Birch Lodge to cover maternity leave. I am looking forward to having him work alongside me which will help him strengthen and grow in his career at Future Directions.”

Ryan has commented on his evaluation

” DHA are very supportive and make learning enjoyable. The assessor is very support and I have a great learning environment. Challenging level 3 but happy to extend my learning. Attained more knowledge of subject areas. I feel much more able and equipped to perform my role.”


July 2017 ~ Ceri Fox


Ceri is learner of the month for her hard work and determination.  She completed her level 2 in Health and social care and when she completed that qualification. Her training manager said that she deserved learner of the month because she had done so brilliantly, progressed well and goes above and beyond.

Ceri attended every meeting with her assessor and although it was difficult at times, she arranged work around it.  Ceri is very organised making sure that there were adequate staff to take part in her speaking and listening exam and coordinated this.

Ceri progressed to do level 3 advanced apprenticeship in health and social care and it was during this time she was promoted to Activity leader. She is looking forward to progress further either onto an ILM qualification or a Level 4 Qualification in health and social care.

Ceri has said that she has enjoyed her learning and has gained in confidence with mathematics. She has refreshed on previous learning and developed her understanding about Autism.

Ceri has been consistent and hard working during her apprenticeships and this had paid off.

When informed she had been accepted as learner of the month Ceri said:

“This has made my day. Through encouragement, patience of my assessor and meeting up monthly I got through many tasks. I persevered and gained so much information and widened my knowledge”.


June 2017 ~ Courtney Catterall


Courtney works for Aspire. She started her qualification with some concerns about time management.  Courtney had stated that she had signed up for qualifications previously but had

never completed anything.

She was making steady progress then disaster happened!

Her laptop broke and all her work was on it. She took it to a repair shop but there was nothing they could do to fix it and set her work free.

Courtney was not happy and stated that she was not going to do all the work again!

Motivational talk was held with Courtney and suggestion of increased assessor visits was arranged. Courtney developed her own way of completing her work, having paper copies of her knowledge booklets and ‘Edmodo‘ enabled on her phone. Courtney completed questions in-between her domiciliary calls.

With fortnightly visits and Courtney’s motivation completed her work again and ensured it was on hard copy helping her to complete her qualification on time.

Well  Done Courtney !!


May 2017 ~ Nicola Depledge


Nicola has worked for Bluebird Care Bury for four years. She has completed her Health and Social Care Apprenticeships at level 2 and Level 3. She then moved on to develop her leadership skills completing her ILM Level 2 Team Leader Apprenticeship and is now working towards her Level 5 Advanced Apprenticeship in Management.

When asked about her experience of learning with DH Associates Nicola explained that she felt that her Level 2 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship was an introduction and supported her knowledge. With her Level 3 she explained that she felt that the progression was beneficial to her and the company. She feels it helped her develop new skills and gave her a better understanding of her role.

On completing her ILM Team Leader qualification Nicola reported that “It confirmed that I wanted progression. It challenged me and helped me understand the management side of the work”.

Nicola has now been promoted to Care Supervisor within Bluebird Bury and has shown excellent commitment to learning new skills and developing her knowledge throughout.

Nicola has now started her Level 5 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship is continuing to demonstrate a willingness to learn, showing commitment and dedication. She explained that she is looking forward to the challenges that the Level 5 brings.

Nicola stated “I am finding the Level 5 challenging but it is helping me to develop my knowledge and practice”.

Nicola is clearly seeing the benefits of Apprenticeships making the best of the opportunities that are available.

When informed of Nicola being our Learner of the month her manager emailed us the following:

“Nicola is a well deserved winner of ‘Learner of the month’

 Not only does Nicola give 100% to her studies but to her daily work at Bluebird Care Bury.

 The team has only got stronger and made improvements since Nicola joined the management team.

 Through completing her qualifications via DH Associates we have seen improvements throughout the business.

 Thank You and Well Done Nicola !”


April 2017 – Sue Wellings

Sue Wellings

Sue works for the Hollies supporting younger people in a residential environment.Sue began working on her Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship in Management progressing from Advanced Level 3. She has demonstrated commitment above and beyond the qualification requirement. Produced excellent quality knowledge and shown compliance to the standard in work products.

Sue has shown enthusiasm in completing her qualification setting a high standard. Her research methods have been thorough and this has helped her in her role.


February 2017 – Hannah Padden

dha newsletter pic

Hannah works for Senior Home Instead in Warrington and has just completed her advanced apprenticeship. She started her intermediate apprenticeship when she was new to the company and the role of an administrator. On completing her intermediate apprenticeship, she had developed her role to include finance support and was able to progress to an advanced apprenticeship in Business Administration.


January 2017 – Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith

Margaret works for Care Concepts at Madison Court. When she started her Health & Social Care Intermediate Apprenticeship she was not confident with doing functional skills.

Margaret has worked well throughout her course, building her confidence and developing her understanding of core care principles though great planning and research of topics. Margaret achieved her apprenticeship and now feels confident enough to progress to the next level. She has started her advanced apprenticeship in Health & Social Care.

Margaret’s manager informed us the course has built her confidence and since completing she has been allocated additional responsibilities.


December 2016 – Richard McFarlane

Richard McFarlane Dec 16

Richard works for Wirral Autism Together, when he started his level 3 apprenticeship in Health & Social Care he was apprehensive due to a visual impairment.

Richard has shown a real drive to achieve his qualification and with good planning and the use of resources DHA provide, Richard has achieved a qualification that he is extremely proud of and has shown his that with hard work and commitment the reward is very satisfying, giving him a sense of pride in his achievement.

Pat Frost from Wirral Autism Together tells us in review that Richard has “received good support, made good progress and is more organised as a result of the training”.


November 2016 – Christine Bege

Christina Bege

Christina arrived in the UK in 2014 from Romania.  Christina has developed her English skills whilst working and has passed her level 1 functional skills in English and by challenging herself further has passed both her level 1 and level 2 in Maths.

Working with Care Concepts at Marion Lauder House supporting people with advanced stages of dementia, Christina started her Apprenticeship in HSC L2 in November 2015 and has made wonderful progress, with a great commitment to achieve from the very first meeting. Christina has studied and produced exemplary work that has supported her person centred approach to service user support. Christina will further challenge herself by commencing her L3 Apprenticeship.

Christina’s employer tells us that with the help of DHA, “Christina has become more knowledgeable, more confident and better skilled, being dedicated and a good focus on the residents with outstanding documentation”


October 2016 – Debra Christian

Debra Christian

Debra Christian from Tattenhall Local Care has completed her level 2 and successfully progressed and completed her level 3 in Health and Social Care.

Debra overcame her anxiety about her functional skills and achieved her level 2 in both English and Maths despite this. Debra showed a great resilience and gained in confidence throughout the programme and has a fantastic outlook and a positive attitude following the successful completion of her diploma.

Her employer says:

“Deb has been with us since we started TLC.  She joined us as a slightly nervous person, who was venturing into care for the first time.  Since then she has become a key team member who provides excellent levels of care and support.  Her increase in confidence is in part due to the training she has undertaken with DH Associates.  When she started her first NVQ, she was overwhelmed by it, not thinking she could complete it or pass the Maths and English exams.  Thanks to her hard work and efforts and the excellent support of DH she completed her Level 2 with confidence, and wanted to go on to complete her Level 3 which she has done!  Deb is a great example of what you can achieve if you work hard and try hard, even when at first it may seem things are too difficult to achieve.”


September 2016 – Sushma Joshi

Sushma Joshi

Sushma Joshi works for Bluebird Care Bury and has been working on her level 3 qualification. With a busy home life and caring for family members young and old Sushma has been committed to completing her qualification, receiving guidance and support with her learning Sushma has achieved her award.
During the qualification Sushma has been able to develop her skills and knowledge learnt during the qualification by demonstrating good person centred care.

The award has made Sushma hungry for knowledge and she is now looking at developing her knowledge in dementia care.

Her employer says that “Sushma is one of our most valued employees at Bluebird Care Bury.

Completing the Award has significantly increased Sushma’s knowledge in how to support her customers to the highest standards. After completing the Award, Sushma now has the ability to progress with her career within the Health & Social care sector. Onwards and Upwards for Sushma !”


August 2016 – Paula Goostrey

paula goostrey aug 16

Paula works at Ablewell Care and is completing her level 2 Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care. During her learner journey Paula has shown real initiative in her learning by completing research in all her units. Paula is striving to achieve and has stretched and challenged herself by completing her level 2 Functional skills in both Maths and English. During her speaking and listening presentation on Dementia Paula showed her skills and knowledge, impressing her employer so much, that Paula is now presenting to larger groups and sharing her knowledge and understanding with others.

Paula has also been offered a promotion to lead support worker and is looking forward to starting her level 3 apprenticeship. Paula’s manager Beverley commented on her achievement saying

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Paula on her brilliant achievement. Paula has been employed by Ablewell Care since November 2014 and has proved a valuable member of the team always striving to provide a high class service to the customers and their families. I feel that by completing the QCF qualification and being supported through the training with DHA this has enabled Paula to progress in her career. WELL DONE PAULA!!”


July 2016 – Kathryn Lowe

Kathryn Lowe

Kathryn has worked for Care watch for 15 months and proved to be a valuable member of staff. Kathryn  began  her Level 2 Apprenticeship in December and has surpassed all her own expectations. Initially Kathryn doubted her abilities, but as Kathryn has progress in her qualification not only has knowledge grown, but also her confidence too. Kathryn has challenged herself and produced work to a high standard, showing skills at a higher level and her commitment to her qualification has been excellent, keeping all appointments, working on her award whilst maintaining a busy personal schedule. Kathryn  has an infectious personality and takes life in her stride.

“Her employer says that “Kathryn” is a valued member of the Leigh area for Care watch.  Kath takes each day as it comes.  Kath doesn’t only support her own area but is able to support each and every area within our Branch.  Kath is well respected and maintains dignity, confidentiality, time management and communication for all her clients, putting in practice the valuable knowledge and understanding from her qualification. Kath manages family life and work commitment and just keeps on smiling!”


June 2016 – Ashlea Stewart

Ashlea Stewart

Ashlea works at True Homecare in Cheadle. Ashlea started her career as a home care assistant and after a period of time was promoted to Care Co-Ordinator. Ashlea was able to use her experiences as a home care assistant by understanding their role and helping them to develop skills also, stepping in and covering shifts.

In spite of her busy schedule Ashlea has completed her L2 submitting her work on time and to a high standard. Ashlea has decided to further develop her knowledge and skills by changing her career pathway, and will soon be an NHS Health Care Assistant within a busy A&E ward at Wythenshawe Hospital.

We wish her all the best and thank her for her commitment to completing her Award.


May 2016 – Glen Dashka-Reilly

glen Dashka-Reilly

Glen works for Glenelg, managing a team of staff, that support people with learning and physical disabilities, within a community setting.

During his level 5 qualification, Glen has worked in, set up and managed a new service, utilising the knowledge he has gained from his award. His enthusiasm and motivation is contagious and is reflected in the support his staff receive from him. He has been instrumental in encouraging his staff to work towards their own awards, supporting and encouraging them to complete the work involved and by being a learning and development ambassador has helped his staff to achieve their own qualifications.

Glen has been able to show a high level of commitment to his level 5 and has self directed his qualification enabling him to show knowledge, understanding and research throughout the award.

Glen has already expressed his wish to continue with his own personal learning and development and is hoping to progress onto a level 7.


April 2016 – Patrick McIlhone & Jo Evans

Patrick McIlhone April 16

Pat worked as a carer for Crossroads when his assessor Carrie Butters signed him up for his Level 2 apprenticeship,  during which he completed his functional skills at the higher level, in preparation for his level 3 qualification.

Pat soon progressed to his Level 3 apprenticeship and has achieved this, by improving his English and in particular by changing his hand writing from block capitals to joined up hand writing.  This is now consistent practice for Pat and is evident in his level 3 work, improving his skills for his workplace recording and reporting and helping him in his role showing improved functionality.

Pat has progressed in his career and now works for Home Instead Senior Care Northwich and has become a valued member of their team.

Jo Evans

Jo had only worked in care for a short time, before her dedication and commitment led her into a management position with Bluebird Care —Wirral.

Jo signed up for her level 5, higher advanced diploma, working with DHA and by providing support to her staff whilst providing care and visiting customers in their own homes, Jo has used the qualification to better understand her role. The knowledge , understanding and learning Jo completed has enabled her to implement and encourage good practice from the staff and enabled her to improve the company policies and procedures.

Jo said about her learning “I felt this was a huge commitment and struggled to get into the qualification at first, recognising the amount of work involved. Once I realised though, that this was helping me in my role, I began to enjoy the research and learning. I appreciated receiving good support helping me to realise the qualification.”


March 2016 – Tracey Cookson

Tracey Cookson

Tracey works for Lauren Court in Chester. Tracey has completed several qualifications with DH Associates and each qualification has helped her gain new skills and knowledge in order to progress in her career.

To date Tracey has achieved her level 2 in Health and Social Care, her level 2 Customer service qualification and following the successful completion of her Level 3 Health and Social Care has taken on a senior post within her organisation enabling her to pass on her knowledge and skills helping her to build her confidence within her role.


February 2016 – Tracey McClelland

Tracey McClelland

Tracey McClelland is the Manager and co-owner of a small domiciliary company called Nightingales in Darwen, Lancashire. Tracey has achieved the Learner of the month due to the dedication and commitment shown throughout the level 5 award. Tracey ensured a timely completion by undertaking work every evening, working alongside her children completing their homework and creating a positive learning environment within the home.

Tracey has utilised her learning in the management of her company, through the writing of policies, the improvement of systems and the working methods of the company. Tracey has an extremely positive attitude to learning and is constantly encouraging her staff team to develop themselves above and beyond the sector requirements. This has been demonstrated through one of her team undertaking the level 2,  level 3 and soon the level 5 qualification with her full support, guidance and motivation. Tracey has been a pleasure to teach and has developed a true success story through her own commitment.

We would like to add a special mention to Tracey’s cute Pug who was an attendee at the meetings so was an integral part of the learning process!

Tracey McClelland Pug

January 2016 – Claire Davenport

Claire Davenport

When I signed Claire up she was new to adult care as she previously worked with children. Claire decided it was time for a change and she then began working for Tattenhall Local Care. Claire was still very new to the role when she signed up for a level 2 apprenticeship and she was quite apprehensive about taking on the apprenticeship. Claire decided to use this opportunity to learn as much as she could about the role she is in and the adult care sector. She took it on as a challenge and she hit a few barriers along the way. There were big gaps in Claire’s knowledge and she used all resources around her to find out what she needed to learn. The biggest challenge Claire faced was functional skills, especially maths. Claire had extremely low confidence in her maths ability and she spent a lot of time worried about it. Claire again took this challenge, faced it head on and wanted to achieve this element of her apprenticeship. She wanted to prove to herself that she could do maths. Claire has not done maths to this level since she left school and did not have a good learning experience with maths at school so she saw this as her chance to gain her qualification. There were some tears along the way but with support from myself, her employer and her family she passed it. Claire has achieved not just a qualification but has proven to herself that she can do something when you put your mind to it. This she did. She was determined, focused and never gave up and achieved what at one stage thought was the impossible, her maths and an apprenticeship to be proud of.


December 2015 – Christine Massey

Chris Massey

Chris works for Homecare4U as domiciliary care worker. She started and completed her intermediate apprenticeship on time missing only one appointment over the 12 months. Chris worked as a hairdresser for over 20 years and since starting her career in HSC she has had to learn everything from scratch.

Her development as a carer and as an Apprenticeship learner has been clear to see. When she first began producing work she used to rush all her answers, never reading anything properly and this showed through in her responses. She took on board every bit of feedback and as she gained more experience as a carer she developed as a learner. She began to research and study methodically, slow her approaches down and produce good standard of work. Her observations confirmed her practice competencies and she is well deserving of her Award.


October 2015 – Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner

Michelle owns Looking Forward Activities, a company providing support to adults with a learning disability. She was on a Higher Apprenticeship in Care Leadership & Management and throughout the programme showed commitment to learning and developing her practice. Previously Michelle had only achieved GCSEs and felt the programme would be challenging as she is not academic. Michelle researched to improve her understanding and on identifying the lack of employment opportunities for service users went on to open a cafe in Northwich for service users to run.


September 2015 – Isabelle Whiteley

Isabella Whiteley

Isabelle works for Home Care 4 U and started her Intermediate Apprenticeship in September 2014. She was quite anxious about taking on an apprenticeship, especially functional skills as she had not achieved any qualifications before. Isabelle did everything asked of her to achieve her qualifications on time. She asked for advice and was open to acting on feedback. Isabelle was thrilled to pas her English and Maths– she passed her Maths just after her 60th birthday. Isabelle`s confidence has grown and she is a valued and respected team member.


August 2015 – Rita Davies

Rita Davies

Rita has worked for Hollymount residential home for 23 years. When Rita signed up to the Higher Apprenticeship in Care Leadership & Management she was very unconfident, nervous and apprehensive. Rita proved herself to be the “dream learner” – she attended every appointment without fail, had always completed her work and was eager and driven to learn. Rita would use the assessor support and soak up the learning during the session, frequently asking questions outside of what was required to further learning and improve her standard of care. Rita also supported other staff who were achieving qualifications, explaining topics to them and writing witness testimonies to show quality practices. Routines and systems within the home have been developed and improved, therefore showing the impact of the qualification. Rita finished the qualification successfully ahead of target and to celebrate went on a Cruise! Rita now manages situations, her staff and the home in a confident, assured and knowledgeable manner.


June 2015 – Nicola Coleman

Nicola works for Mother Redcaps, a residential home on the Wirral. She had completed her Intermediate Apprenticeship overcoming her lack of confidence to develop the skills that enabled her to apply for promotion. Nicola wanted to build on her achievement and continue to develop her knowledge and skills in her new post. She took out a learning loan to support her doing the Health & Social Care at level 3. Through commitment to learning Nicola has now completed her level 3 and with a clear focus achieved this in just under 6 months.


May 2015 – Angela Nolan

Angie Nolan

Angie works for Abbeyfield, Lear House in West Kirby. Angie has progressed through her Intermediate Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care with enthusiasm and keenness. She demonstrated a great understanding for the needs of service users. She completed her technical qualification in 3 months, Preparing to Work in Care Services.

Angie already held Level 1 functional skills and was supported to begin studying for her functional skills Level 2. Angie accepted this and excelled in her skills, sitting and passing Level 2 English exams in the first 2 months of her apprenticeship. Angie is still to sit her maths exam, though is expected to do well.


April 2015 – Joanne Taylor

Angela Nolan

Joanne is a team manager at Oakfield Supported Living, providing support to adults with learning, physical or mental disabilities. She started her Higher Apprenticeship in Leadership & Management for Care Services in May 2014 and has just completed her programme. Joanne had progressed from a support worker and throughout her programme showed commitment to developing and applying new knowledge and skills in her role. Joanne researched to acquire new knowledge and has grown in her confidence.


March 2015 – Glenelg -Emma Fell, Val Jenkins, Sarah Dagnall & Leona Weismanova


Our March learners of the month are a team employed by Glenelg in Liverpool. The learners support a service user with a learning disability in her own home. All were doing an advanced apprenticeship in social care, learning disability pathway. Learners all showed commitment to their programme and to improving their knowledge and applying new learning in their day to day practice. As a result improvements have been made to the service provided ensuring a focus on communication and choice.



February 2015 – Nicola Catterall

Nicola Catterall

Nicola Catterall works for Care Concepts as a night care assistant at Madison Court in St Helens. She is studying an intermediate apprenticeship in Health & Social Care and is following the Dementia pathway. She began her apprenticeship in October 2014 and was initially concerned about her capabilities in undertaking learning as written work has never been her strong point. Nicola has demonstrated a good attitude and commitment to her programme. She has completed her ERR, PWCS and has worked hard on her English and Maths. Initially her confidence needed a boost but it was obvious she was keen to learn and develop. This willingness to develop and learn has been demonstrated during assessment visits where she has asked probing questions to confirm the correct ways of doing things and that her understanding is correct. She purchased the Level 2 text book to develop her confidence and knowledge. Nicola has been a pleasure to work with. She has worked hard in meeting targets set for her and is on target to achieve and aims to progress on to do her Level 3.


January 2015 – Rebecca Shaw

rebecca shaw

Rebecca is 20 years old and is employed as a home carer by Bluebird Stockport. She was studying her intermediate apprenticeship in Health & Social Care. She worked hard to achieve her targets and completed on time. During her programme Rebecca faced personal difficulties and a bereavement. She also found out she was pregnant and is looking forward to the birth of her son in May. Through all her challenges Rebecca remained focussed and keen to achieve her apprenticeship.


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