Code of Practice

The associates and employees of Dawn Hodge Associates Ltd will operate in such a way that they meet two basic principles when conducting the business of the firm.

These key principles are:

To consistently provide high standards of service to clients.

  • We will only accept engagements for which we are qualified and experienced.
  • We will clearly define the terms and conditions of the assignment, including the nature, scope, and period of service to be provided. We will clearly allocate responsibilities and the basis of remuneration.
  • We will take responsibility for the quality of all work undertaken in the name of dh Associates Ltd and agree the standards of provision with the client.
  • All information disclosed to dh Associates Ltd in the nature of their business will remain confidential to clients.
  • Recommendations will be developed that are specific to individuals clients needs; such solutions will be practicable, realistic and understood by clients.
  • dh Associates Ltd will ensure the good management of any project undertaken through careful planning, frequent progress reviews and effective controls.

To operate in such a way that maintains independence, objectivity and integrity in practice.

  • dh Associates Ltd staff will maintain a fully independent position with clients, ensuring that advice and recommendations are based on thorough, impartial consideration of all pertinent facts, circumstances, and on opinions developed from reliable relevant experience.
  • dh Associates Ltd staff will declare any interest, relationships, or circumstances which might influence or impair their judgement or objectivity in relation to any particular assignment.
  • dh Associates Ltd staff will not use any information gained through assignment to their advantage or benefit.
  • dh Associate Ltd staff will not take gifts, discounts, or commissions offered as an inducement to show any favour to any person or body.
  • dh Associates Ltd will advise clients of any significant reservations they have about the client’s expectations of benefits from an engagement; we will not accept any engagement in which we cannot serve the client effectively.
  • dh Associates Ltd will not advise a client on short term benefits without due consideration of long term consequences.
  • dh Associates Ltd will discuss and agree with clients any significant changes in the objectives, scope, approach, and anticipated benefits, or other aspects of the engagement which might arise during the course of the assignment.
  • Any conflict of interest will be brought to the attention of clients and will be subject to withdrawal by the consultant or by determining a future input to be agreed in writing to the client’s satisfaction.
  • We will only operate within a framework of equality; in accordance with our policy statement on ‘Equality of Opportunity’.

Customer Charter

As a customer of dh Associates you will…

…be dealt with promptly.

We will respond to your enquiry immediately. Your enquiry will be passed to our Customer Service Team and you will be contacted within one week maximum.

…only have to make one call to receive the full range of dh Associates services.

We will do the ringing round for you if the information or service you require is held by another organisation.

…always know in advance if there will be a charge for the service you require.

We will make it clear if there will be a charge so that you can make an informed decision.

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…receive a service that is confidential, impartial, objective and professional.

We will treat your enquiry in confidence and only disclose your details with your permission.  We will act independently and objectively in the delivery of our services.

…receive a service that is based on the most accurate and relevant information.

We will ensure a consistently high quality of service through our quality assurance systems and processes.

…be encouraged to feedback your views on the service you have received to help us evaluate our services and improve the quality of our services.  As part of this you will have access to our customer complaints and appeals procedure.

We will use any feedback you give us to continually improve the quality of our services to better meet the needs of our customers.