Customer Comments

Customer Comments

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We are constantly seeking to improve our service to our clients and we welcome feedback. These are some of the many encouraging comments customers have made about our service:

Employer Feedback

“Both of you have been absolutely great, probably the best assessors we have ever had”

“The way training is delivered is very clear, staff feel supported throughout the programme and any concerns learners or assessors have are always discussed and dealt with quickly”

“Everyone is really pleased with Martine, who is more than helpful, the whole company is very good and keep me informed about learners progress as well as about funding”

“Gina’s work has clearly improved since she began her qualification. The assessors are always really helpful and very knowledgeable, we have used other training companies in the past but none can touch DH Associates, we will always use you now”

Learner Feedback

“My assessor (Jo) has been extremely helpful and very flexible with my busy schedule and supportive throughout”

“Nicky has been brilliant in supporting me while I did this course. Any help needed she has always been on the other end of the phone no matter what time of day. I feel her help and assistance throughout has been very much appreciated and I don’t think I could have enjoyed doing it so much if it wasn’t for her”

“Many of the things learnt have become useful in my work life. Finding out information from websites has encouraged me to find more information to support my knowledge and learning and update my PDP”

“I was really reluctant to do this course but the patience and encouragement of my assessor (Martine) supported me enough to get me through it. I can see the relevance of things I had to study and it has given me the underpinning knowledge and confidence to carry out my role effectively. I ended up enjoying setting targets and achieving them”

Suggestions for Improvement

You said –

“It is not always convenient to travel to Neston for the Employer Network Days”

We did –

We are now hosting 3 days across the area in Neston, Warrington and Knutsford.

Thank you for your feedback.