Why Choose DHA?

Discover why DHA is the perfect partner to take your career to the next level.

At DH Associates we feel that we have the following to help you understand your qualification and how we will help you to achieve it.

Track Record

We have an excellent track record of achievements for our learners. We have a higher than average achievement rate of 82%. We have been inspected by Ofsted and achieved Outstanding in all areas, being the first to achieve this nationally. We are the best training provider in the country as judged by Skills for Care 2015/16.

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We pride ourselves on the relationship we build with both you as the learner and your employer. We have a sector wide reputation of excellence and ensure your learner journey is individual to you. The opportunity to increase your knowledge and confidence in your sector are provided throughout your programme. Many of our learners have increased their employability and career options.

In particular, they value the support and learning given to learners as it helps to improve their service an to retain skilled and knowledgeable staff.

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Most learners whilst doing their Apprenticeship achieve a minimum of 5 qualifications. An apprenticeship is not only about knowledge and understanding it will also give you the opportunity to have 1-2-1 training specific to your needs helping you to become a specialist in your chosen career.

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We will provide you with access to resources and knowledge throughout your qualification to enable you to be more confident in your role. You and your trainer will plan your learning journey using SMART action planning and review your progress regularly.

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Nurturing and know how

All of our trainers have sector wide skills and knowledge that enable them to support you through your learning. Helping you achieve the very best you can.

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Have told us that they feel more confident, knowledgeable and skilled, they are more motivated to apply for promotions and have recognised that there is a clear career pathway within the sector that lead to better pay and better services for all.

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Have told us that because of the support we provide to their staff they have retained more staff. Their staff have shown a better understanding and knowledge of the sector they work in. They are better skilled and attend training and following the training they are more motivated and want to ensure that the skills and knowledge they have gained are used in their role to improve the service to those they support and to the business as a whole.

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