Digital Apprenticeship Service Account (DAS)

Setting up your DAS account

Whether you are a Levy or Non-Levy paying employer you will need to setup a Digital Apprenticeship Service account.

In order to set up your account you will need to have your ‘Accounts Office Number`, this is 13 digits long and you would have been issued with it when you first registered as an employer with HMRC. You will also need your ‘Employer PAYE scheme number` – you can obtain this information from your payroll department.

Depending on whether you are a Levy paying or Non-Levy paying employer it might differ;

For Levy paying employers you simply set up an account and once the apprentice agreement has been signed you can start adding apprentices. Please note that if your Levy pot runs out you will be charged the 5% co-investment charge of the remaining amount until learning ends or your pot is topped back up.

Here is some guidance around this What Happens When My Levy Pot Runs Out

If you are a Non-Levy paying employer once you have setup your account and signed the agreement, before you add apprentices you must reserve funding for each apprentice you nominate. There is no change to the funding that is available to Non-Levy paying employers for qualifications, the government will still fund 95% of the cost and employers will pay the remaining 5%, the only difference is that the money from the government will now be collected via the the Digital Apprenticeship Service account.

It is possible for Non-Levy paying employers to access funding through Levy payers that donate it.

Further reading

Please see some user guides we have created to help you create accounts, add apprentices, invite members and access donors;

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