Learner Feedback

Posted on January 27, 2022 by Tom Caldwell

Well done to our trainer Vicky, Who has received great feedback from one of her learners!

‘Hi Vicky,

Sincerely you have been my rock throughout this programme, I wouldn’t have had it any way better.

Where do I start from, is it your words of encouragement when I was at the point of giving up due to lack of support from my management team, you kept reminding me how well I was doing.

You have been a good tutor to me, making sure I understand each module and never tired of going through it all over until I understood it.

Thanks for being so patience with me even when I forget that I have session with you due to work load. You have thought me a lot and I have grown in confidence and ready to take any responsibility.

Vicky you are truly a good tutor and can be depended upon. You have never for once come a minute late to our session, I applaud you for that.

It’s been a long journey due to COVID19 but it’s worth it in the end.

Thanking you,’