July Newsletter

Posted on November 1, 2017 by Kellie Collister

End Point Assessment

At our Employer Days attendees were given the opportunity of knowing what type of questions and the style of questions that a Lead Adult Care Worker Apprentice will be completing in preparation for End Point Assessment. They were given ten questions to complete and asked for their feedback.
One of the questions that generated discussion was:

A Lead Adult Care Worker is supporting an individual who has insulin injections from a District Nurse. They notice that the District Nurse has left the used syringe in a tray on the bedside table.
How should the Lead Adult Care Worker report this?

  • As an injury.
  • As a near miss.
  • As a medication error.
  • As a safeguarding concern.

There were agreements and disagreements about the correct answer to this question which reflected discussions we,as a team have had prior to setting the task.
The answer to this question is that it is reported as a near miss.

If you are still wondering: It is reported as a “near miss” because it is a health and safety issue.

We have complied feedback received about the questions we received at the Employer Events and at our team meeting to City and Guilds.
Thank you to everyone who attended and we are sure this feedback will be listened to.

If you would like further information about End Point Assessments and how they will be conducted please do not hesitate in contacting any member of our team.

Reminder: Free bike or bus and tram travel for apprentices

Uptake from our learners has been poor so just a quick reminder:
Apprentices across Greater Manchester can get free bus and Metrolink tickets to travel to work.

The Apprentice Free Ticket Scheme offers new* apprentices ONE free 28 day bus and Metrolink ticket for them to use accessing their place of work and training. The apprentice ticket can be used on all Metrolink trams and most buses across Greater Manchester.

The ‘Apprentice Bike to Work’ scheme, offers apprentices access to free recycled bikes, cycle training and bike maintenance courses provided by TfGM. The bikes also come with cycling accessories and safety equipment such as lights and helmets.

Please let your assessor know if you are interested in any of these schemes.

*within the first 6 months of their apprenticeship start date